Dean, Research and Innovation

Location: North York, Ontario, Canada
Date Posted: 08-16-2018
The Talent Company has been retained by The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) to recruit their next Dean of Research and Innovation.   Position profile, requirements, and application process are listed below:
Accountable to the President, and serving as a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), the Dean of Research and Innovation will lead, direct, manage and supervise all aspects of the organization’s research and related innovative programmes, including commercial opportunities. The incumbent will also anticipate and maintain a vision for the future research needs at CMCC and recommend strategies, objectives, and initiatives that will best achieve CMCC’s strategic goals.  They will drive increases in research faculty productivity, creativity and capacity to sustainable levels and expand the scope of research capacity at CMCC and through collaborative agreements. They will also maintain a personal program of research that advances knowledge through contributions of an original nature.
The Dean of Research and Innovation is a skillful leader who:
  • Inspires, supports and motivates research faculty, and collaborates on a continual basis regarding interdisciplinary/interagency research projects;
  • Conducts research, publishes, teaches and mentors faculty and students.
  • Obtains and secures ongoing external funding, for directing efforts towards grant submissions and related activities, and for overall grant and budgetary management in the division.
  • Implements and leads the strategic and financial planning/budgeting for all areas of responsibility.
  • Monitors and enforces CMCC compliance with accreditation, risk management, relevant legislation and guidelines on research ethics and privacy.
  • Builds and fosters partnerships and networks with internal and external stakeholders while enhancing CMCC’s profile, creating opportunities for funding, grants, entrepreneurship, and increasing non-tuition based revenues.
  • Oversees the supervision of approximately 16 full and part-time faculty and staff members.
  • Serves as an administrative liaison to, as designated by the President, various Board of Governors committees and other institutional committees.
The successful candidate will work closely with the Vice President, Academic and the Dean, Clinics to encourage and support scholarship and research activities for students, faculty and administration in undergraduate, graduate and clinical settings. They will also promote a value of research and scholarship, through production of personal scholarly works, encouragement of faculty members, and appropriate prioritization of resources to enable scholarship by the faculty.  They will also work with the VP Finance and Administration to develop contracts and agreements relating to innovation and partnerships.
  • Avoids micromanagement and demonstrates a willingness to delegate.
  • Models integrity, with decision-making guided by ethics and fairness.
  • Assesses and provides opportunities for personal growth and skill development in direct reports, team members, and assistants.
  •  Encourages risk-taking and innovation, and avoids punishing people when outcomes aren’t as robust as predicted.  Mistakes are inevitable and provide an opportunity for improvement, however accountability includes the willingness to admit falling short and the openness to suggestions for improvement.
  • Encourages personal reflection and continuous improvement.
  • Shows a willingness to try something different and to abandon tradition if evidence suggests that a different approach could yield better outcomes.
  • Avoids a “silo mentality”.  Information needs to be shared and consultation with other departments is critical to our success.  It is imperative that we consider the effects/impact of actions taken in one department on other departments.  We need to align our individual/departmental desired results with our institutional strategies; i.e., the overall wellbeing of CMCC outweighs the goals of individuals.  All members of the ELT must be willing to openly exchange information with the team and respectfully debate issues when concerns arise.
  • Being open to criticism and suggestions for different approaches to solving a problem.
  • Exhibits transparency, appropriate disclosure and effective communication.  Obviously not all information can be shared, but whenever possible and appropriate, leaders need to be just as willing to share bad news, poor outcomes and setbacks as they are to express our pride about accomplishments and exciting new opportunities.  Informed employees feel more connected and can be more innovative in fixing problems.  Leadership involves making tough decisions and some of these decisions will inevitably upset or disappoint some people, but improving how we communicate the rationale for these decisions is key to maintaining relationships.
  • Is respectful to all personnel and stakeholders and willing to listen to their ideas and concerns.
  • Helps people achieve their goals and avoids setting them up for failure.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to share credit with team members for successes.
  • Is personally accountable and willing to take responsibility for mistakes.
  • Is trustworthy and dedicated to the success of CMCC
  • A minimum of 5+ years of relevant experience in a leadership position in research, preferably in an academic setting.
  • A Doctor of Philosophy in a basic or clinical sciences is required.
  • A Doctor of Chiropractic or other health professional or advanced degree is a strong asset.
  • Must have a proven successful track record of research, publication and grantsmanship.
CV and Letter of Intent to be sent via email to: 
Monica Stagno
Director, Executive and Leadership Search
The Talent Group
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